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Random prediction


10 cards spread

Cards meanings: Card 1 – The present state; Card 2 – How you got to where you are now; Card 3 – Near Future; Card 4 – What is against you?; Card 5 – What you really want?; Card 6 – Environmental factors; Card 7 – Unconscious factors; Card 8 – What the querent should do? 1/3; Card 9 – What the querent should do? 2/3; Card 10 – What the querent should do? 3/3.

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The wish

Spread for future

Cards meanings: Card 1 – Your wish; Card 2 – Your expectations; Card 3 – What is going for you?; Card 4 – What is going against you?; Card 5 – Near Future; Card 6 – Distant Future; Card 7 – What responsibilities do you need to accept?; Card 8 – Factors along the way; Card 9 – The outcome.

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One card Spread

Simple daily Spread

Cards meanings: Card 1 – This is your answer. The easiest and most effective way to get an accurate prediction. This can be a card of the day, week, destiny. You can ask a series of questions.

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Blind spot

4 cards spread

Cards meanings: Card 1 – What everyone knows?; Card 2 – Known to self, not known to others; Card 3 – Not known to self, known to others; Card 4 – Nobody knows (Blind Spot). This effective spread will show you hidden influences and unknown factors of the current situation.

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Past Present Future spread

3 card spread

Cards meanings: Card 1 – Past events; Card 2 – The present state, emotions; Card 3 – The outcome. One of the most popular and easy layouts. This is an effective way to get deep information about your question.

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The plan

5 cards spread

Cards meanings: Card 1 – Situation; Card 2 – Hidden influences; Card 3 – Inner emotions; Card 4 – How it does not succeed; Card 5 – How it succeeds. A simple way of discovering what kind of luck is awaiting you in the future.

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The path

Life direction spread

Cards meanings: Card 1 – My heart's desire; Card 2 – Current thoughts and emotions; Card 3 – Current enviromental factors; Card 4 – Suggested thoughts and emotions; Card 5 – Suggested enviromental factors. This is a simple method of divination that does not recuire any consultation of tables of meanings. It will tell you how inner emotions and thoughts affect your destiny.

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Tarot 3 cards

3 cards spread

Cards meanings: Card 1 – Past; Card 2 – Present; Card 3 – Future. As every structure consists of certain elemental parts, so the Tarot cards represent the components of the structure of philosophy.

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